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Communicating Beauty

For more than 15 years, LGC has been building the DFW area's finest hardscapes, in both residential and commercial developments. We work hand-in-glove with site developers, utility contractors, and other subs to accomplish the best results... all while building fabulous signage, monuments, fences, retaining walls, custom surfaces and more.

Earth + Iron + Wood

Your project demands the finest natural materials and the craftsmanship to create an object of lasting beauty. Let our team show you what is possible

Building with Care

We're setting new standards in professionalism, responsiveness and customer care. When you deal with LGC, you'll get the job done right.

We Speak your Language

You work hard to make your development meet stringent standards. LGC speaks your language. We understand tight deadlines and budgets. We communicate - with you and with your other subs - clearly and regularly so there's never a surprise. Call LGC first...the last call you'll make.