Rolator & Hillcrest Screenwall

Elderwood Acme Brick Screenwall with Columns

This Screenwall was an adventure!

In order to maintain the correct line directly over underground utilities, we hired Cyclone Services, LLC. to bring their Cyclone Hydro-Vac Truck and vacuum out all the dirt around the utility lines. Once they removed the dirt, we could visibly see the utilities and set the column piers without hitting anything. Watching Cyclone Services do their work was SUPER interesting!

The Screenwall was built with Acme Brick Elderwood in a running bond pattern with a soldier course pattern at the top, all using grey mortar. We don’t often see this color of brick used on Screenwalls, which turned out really striking.

The Screenwall is on private commercial property in The City of Frisco and our General Contractor was XS Construction.